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I am an electronics engineer with a background in physics. Over the years I have undertaken many personal projects ranging from repairing electronic circuits to designing and constructing a trike.


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In Progress Projects

Details of projects that are currently in progress.

Ignition Booster

Some electronics to boost a weak magneto ignition for testing

Dumper Truck

Repairing and improving a 1980s dumper truck

Completed Projects

Details of projects that have been completed.

Metcal Soldering Iron Power Supply

A power supply for Metcal soldering irons

RF Dummy Load

A 150W RF dummy load

Mains Frequency Meter

A Mains frequency meter inspired by the Time for Tea artwork

High Voltage Bench Supply

0-500 V, 0-100 mA, and a 0-100V negative bias supply and heater outputs for valve projects

The Trike

(aka the the strange 3-wheeled contraption)

The Jet Engine

Efforts to make a working jet from an old turbocharger

Exercise Bike Generator

A 12V Pedal-Powered Generator with variable loads for use as an Exercise Bike

Frequency Counter

A pretty conventional logic based counter with 10 MHz reference and switchable prescaler

Solar Diverter

A four channel Solar Diverter

Tiny Tim

A small petrol generator designed for battery charging


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